Divorce is painful...

It does not have to be financially devastating

Let us guide you through and help you...

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The marriage may be over, but the rest of your life is still ahead.

Divorce is painful for the entire family but should not be financially devastating. Plan before, during, or after the divorce with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Your family deserves the fairest, most intelligent financial divorce settlement possible, which will bring you and your loved ones that much closer to a brighter tomorrow.

My financial practice is largely dedicated to financially representing clients that are going through a separation and/or divorce. I examine the financial issues of your divorce and provide you and your attorney with professionally prepared powerful financial solutions. Reports and graphs are tailored to your needs so that you and/or your attorney can rely on at any step in the divorce process. I am able to work with individuals and couples, at any stage of the divorce process, and produce a financial settlement that works for both of the individuals.

Financial areas of expertise:

  • Personal versus marital property
  • Valuing and dividing property
  • Retirement and pension plans
  • Alimony and child support calculations
  • Splitting the marital residence
  • Federal and state tax calculations
  • Inheritance tax calculation
  • Medicaid and Medicare planning
  • Identifying and evaluating tax problems
  • Tax calculation for alimony
  • Auditing and financial review of all financial documents
  • Variance analysis of income and expenses
  • Income rebuilding models
  • Review of income, expenses, and taxes
  • Investment vehicles, insurance products
  • Retirement plans – Qualified and non-qualified
  • Military benefits and military retirement benefits (regular retirement and Reserve retirement)
  • Airline employee’s benefits and retirement plans
  • Asset and transaction tracing
  • Options – Non qualified and ISO
  • Non-qualified plans/deferred compensation plans
  • QDRO preparation
  • Long term financial planning during divorce process

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