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I take the financial chaos of separation and divorce and consolidate the data into a comprehensive analysis that provides recommendations, solutions, tax analysis, worksheets, affidavits, etc…

  • Written evaluation of the parties’ financial situation
  • Prepare the Statement of Financial Standing
  • Prepare Equitable Distribution Affidavit
  • Prepare child support worksheet
  • Prepare marital asset spreadsheet
  • Prepare written proposals for grossed up alimony, child support, and distribution of the marital estate
  • Evaluate the appropriate choice of assets
  • Prepare Document Request
  • Perform tax calculations and tax reviews of both parties
  • Perform tax planning
  • Perform preliminary pension valuations (I am not a certified pension appraiser)
  • Perform preliminary business valuations (I am not a certified business appraiser)
  • Perform income rebuilding calculations (especially for cases where the financially supporting spouse is self employed or a small business owner)
  • Perform document review